BENEFIT lip&cheek stain and goof proof brow pencil.

HI.. Guys

Lets talk about my… Go To… with only two make-up products from benefit

So basically I love to buy makeup products.. and sometimes I end up buying things I really don’t need.. but this time god saved me from wasting my precious hard earned money.. I bought the most amazing products… that is..

Benetint from benefit

Cha Cha tint from benefit

Goof Proof brow pencil from benefit

I can literally give all the makeup products that I own and keep these products… I am a very lazy person.. I hardly get time for makeup but I have to look good everytime I leave my house ;p so these are products that help me look good.. I get out of the shower … apply moisturise , sunscreen have my tea or whatever till the time my sunscreen is settled apply my Benetint on my cheeks spread it with a brush… apply it on my lips.. make my eyebrows n I am good to go.. it gives you a naturally fresh and glowy look.


Benetint is my favourite rose tinted lip and cheek stain and I apply it mostly in the day it gives my cheeks a nice fresh natural Rose flush look.. If you want your cheeks to show up more you can opt for Cha Cha tint.. I generally use cha cha tint in the evening it is a bright coral colour. These stains comes in a nail polish kinda bottle and brush you just have to dot your cheeks and blend it with your finger or a brush. It smells good and goes a long way.

Cha Cha tint

You all know just making your eyebrow changes the entire look… Goof Proof Brow pencil is really handy and glides on like a butter it is smooth and waxy and nicely pigmented and blends with the natural hair and its matte.
It has 6 shades .. I am using no.4…
One end is a retractable, angled liner…… the other end has a full-size spooley brush. The angled tip makes it really easy to draw the hair strokes.

Goof Proof Brow pencil.
Goof Proof one end angled liner
Goof Proof ….other end spooley Brush

Love these BENEFIT products. Please give it a try you wont be disappointed, I am sure.

You can shop benefit online from nykaa. and in India you can go to spehora

Email- Instagram handle- pratibha_kawad

Thankyou! Pratibha Kawad.

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