Stayfree with Stayfree advanced all night ultra comfort xl.


Today I am sharing my personal experience with sanitary pads.. I have a very sensitive skin and since years I am facing issues with sanitary pads none suited me.. I everytime ended up getting rashes itching or some allergy.. and this problem stayed for many days n thn again my next period day use to come up.. and this was really very irritating and I am someone with heavy flow and I have my periods for all 6 to 7 days. I tried different brands none worked. so this Stayfree advanced was newly launched .. so I gave it a try n ever since then I cant back out.. and I am using this from almost 4 years now.. even if someone tells me this or that one is better.. I don’t use I have loved this pads it is soft like cotton and it has a soft touch cover, I have never got any rashes or allergy after using this.

Stayfree advanced all night ultra comfort xl.
Stayfree tampons

I use pads most of the time.. as I work from home but when I have to attend a function, meeting or if I am going to gym.. I use tampons OB tampons.. and I am very glad to say Stayfree has come up with Stayfree tampons.. and its is really good to know that girls are coming to know about tampons.. through advertisment as Stayfree has advertised Stayfree tampons.. it is really a good take from Stayfree.. because 70 % of girls in India don’t know what tampons are…I myself have told some girls to use tampons and they dint know what it was….this is a link i am sharing to get a little knowledge about tampons . Every girl facing issues like me should give it a try I am sure you wont regret.

I hope this helps.


Pratibha kawad.

Instagram handle – @ pratibha_kawad

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