I had been to Shanghai, China recently.. I am in love with the city.. It’s the most fast growing country.., I believe. I was there for 2 weeks.. after getting to know the city and people there.. they have grown rapidly.. shanghai was like a village.. and in 15 years its turned to be a very beautiful city.. very systematic.. clean roads.. traffic rules.. everything is maintained perfectly.. in-deed no comparison.. getting to know people there I realised they are way toO forward in Thinking wise as well.

China no doubt has lovely shopping.. but I really couldn’t find a good place to shop.. ex the mall and stuff which now I can easily get in India. I wish I had an idea about shopping places…. I found a market of bags in Shanghai-pudong..its a underground market.. lovely bags I purchased from there.. and visited Nanjing east road for little shopping its a must visit street.. I visited shanghai science and technology museum, Waitan Shanghai, Huangpu Shanghai ,Shanghai tower the 2nd tallest building in the world, Hangzhou west lake scenery spot, I couldn’t see much as I was there for business purpose.. over all I love the city.. I would love to visit again.



Instagram Handle – @pratibha_kawad


Oriental pearl tv tower
shanghai tower the 2nd tallest building in the world

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