CLINIQUE moisture surge 72-hour auto-replenishing hydrator.

Hi guys.. today I am going to tell you about Clinique Moisture surge 72-hours auto-replenishing hydrator… so my skin type is combination to oily.. and I always thought oily skin doesn’t need a moisturizer .. so I use to skip it.. my skin started getting de hydrated.. dull and I got whiteheads everytime.. I visited various dermatologist.. but these medicated moisturizer looked way too oily on my skin.. I tried many moisturizers.. but I actually didn’t like any ..I was every disappointed in regards of moisturisers.. oily skin beauties will understand how difficult it is too find a good moisturizer for our skin type.

So once I went to a Clinique store to buy a I have a sensitive skin I use Clinique makeup and skin care.. so I was sitting there.. looking out for my shade.. there was a sales girl talking to a customer about the moisturizer and it really impressed me….so I tried it on my hand it was very light.. and gel consistency.. like all the dermats tell us oily skin girls are suppose to use gel moisturizer… I liked it but I had already wasted way too much money on moisturizers.. I dint buy.. but too be true .. on my way I was just thinking about the moisture surge.. then I was like I will read the reviews.. and then decide.. so I really heard and read a lot of good things about this moisturizer.. so I thought if I have tried so many.. lets give this a try.. I ordered this online from Nykaa… I love Nykaa because of the genuine products don’t have to worry about anything…I started using this every morning.. and frankly this is the only moisturizers I liked in my life till now…. and I am on my 2nd tub.. which is almost over now….every oily girl looking for a good moisturizer should give this a try atleast once.. I promise you wont get disappointed.. I am really happy with this one.. as its very light.. gel consistency…no breakout at all my skin is super sensitive.. i generally get whiteheads if i use anything.. this one dint cause any whiteheads.. I use it before my foundation.. before applying sunscreen.. and before going to sleep without fail if i am not applying any doctors given gel.. and morning after face wash.. it is so light that.. u don’t have to worry about getting greasy but in summer time.. u have to carry a bloating paper or a tissue to dab the excess oil on face only if your skin is way too oily.

Let me know if you guys have any opinion on this product.

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Pratibha Kawad

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