Today I will share how I went from long hair to short hair.. I really had long hair… my hair is kind of medium brown in colour, my mom just loves long hair.. so she never allowed me to chop my hair…she at home only use to trim my hair…i never really did my anything for my hair.. I washed my hair in every 2 days with ALL CLEAR anti dandruff shampoo and Loreal smooth intense conditioner.. after shower I apply MATRIX serum. and apply oil in every 2 weeks or sometimes I dont .. I am not a big fan of oiling my hair.

Long Hair

When I had long hair.. I always use tie my hair in a bun.. once when I went for head massage in a near by salon.. as soon as I opened my hair she was like… WOW.. so long and lovely texture your hair has…. and people never use to stop praising my hair.. once there was a get together in my house so I opened my hair.. n my aunties were like lovely long hair… I had this natural curls that u get when u tie a bun.. so it looks really good.. I loved when people complimented my hair ..

Once I was jus sitting ..and I received a msg for a salon saying about some discount on hair smoothening.. I thought lets try as it is I straighten my hair with a straightener when I go out .. so lets try this .. it will be good.. I went to the salon they some how convinced me.. and the next day I went to do hair smoothening.. it took like 4 hours my back was screwed.. I was not supposed to tie my hair for 2 days and then on the 3rd day they called me for hair wash in the salon.. so after that wash I was allowed to tie my hair ..I was very happy for one month.. but I started getting bad comment from everybody that.., it is not looking good.. your texture its spoiled.. I have a fast hair growth so like I started getting new growth.. so it was really looking bad I noticed.. i use to straighten my hair with a straightener on the top new growth.. it started getting really frustrating .. I used the best kerastase shampoo and conditioner.. I know they are amazing products as many of my friends and my sister uses.. but no benefits as I already spoiled my hair my using dirty chemicals .. hair smoothing really spoiled my hair.. my hair became dry frizzy.. and unmanageable.. I started feeling depressed.. then I decided to chop my hair a bit.. it didn’t really make any difference ..so I decided to chop it really short.. I put a stone on my heart and cut my hair short..

Short Hair.

Everyone liked my new look.. my mom also liked my short hair.. or maybe I was depressed with looking at my long hair .. she liked my short hair.. :p But long hair is long hair.. hahaha 🙂 I went back to my normal routine.. All clear shampoo and loreal conditioner with matrix serum.. and now if somebody even talks about hair smoothing or wants my suggestion I say.. NO please don’t do it..

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