LAVASA.. with family trip.

Lavasa from Mumbai is approx. 200 km… which takes like 5 hours max by car can exceed depending on the traffic.. it doesnt have any train station the nearest station is pune at a distance of 39kms .


lavasa is a planned and a private city near pune.. its and amazing place for a short relaxing vacation.. its has everything u want…. they have different event.. and celebrations.. water sports ..entertainment.. spa.. games..adventure sports… learning center..etc..

Trip begins and How!!

We all were just sitting and planning for a short trip.. and screaching few places on google.. so we found lavasa near and amazing by the reviews so we decided to go to lavasa.. and this for the first ever trip where we all were together… generally we had never been to a trip where everybody is together one or the other person is always missing.. and we thought just to make it more happening we would ask our neighbour.. even they said a yes to join.. we booked a room in block G lavasa.. they had this flat system kind of thing.. we booked a room on 3rd floor it had like 1 huge hall with a balcony and 2 rooms also with balcony.. 1 kitchen and 2 bathrooms. it was a on a expensive side 50 thousand for 2 days.. they were no more rooms available so had to book this one.. lavasa is always full.


We had to take 3 cars , we left early in the morning.. so we could get no traffic.. we took Mumbai-pune expressway.. had breakfast in foodplaza.

We reached in the afternoon .. it was really pleasant and our rooms had an amazing view… ordered for food in the room.. Plates, spoons and bowls were already in the kitchen.. we all got done with lunch.. and decided to do some watersports.. as we could see some watersports happening from our balcony.. we did water sports.. took a long ride on a family boat.. kids played in the park and in kids small water parks.. we came back in the room changed and again went down for a walk.. by that time it was very cold .. and staying in Mumbai we are not used to cold weather.. but it always fun in cold weather…some people were dancing on the road with music on.. we found a place where u can hire hoverboards.. so took 2 and near the lake we had to ride… it was kinda ok…. my mom couldn’t take the cold and we had to get up early.. we left for dinner n thn back to our room..

Day 2


I got up very early..i thought I better dnt sleep now.. jus have a shower before everybody gets up.. the room had 2 bathrooms but one bathroom had a blocked drainage.. so I better get ready before others.. I got ready everybody were still sleeping, so I just went down to have a small morning walk. it was very cold in the morning but the view was so amazing that I managed the cold.. haha 😛 I sat there on a bench for a while.. n came up to the room n went inside the blanket…. by the time everybody was getting ready.. we made groups for breakfast .. like who ever is ready can go for breakfast .. so we could save little time. as soon as we were done we packed our bags and on ways we did cycling… we rode on electric bikes.. we did zip lining..had lunch in a local restaurant in lavasa.. we played arcade games…some of the adventure games were closed due to some reason. but over all it was fun. we left lavasa by like 6 in the evening..


LAVASA is really a fun place for both adults and kids.. and ya it is very colourful. 🙂


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