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My favourite Russian red by mac..


So this is my latest purchase and I am totally loving it.. I am a big fan of buying red lip colors but never wearing it.. because I think red looks to much on me.. so I prefer wearing nudes and browns like light shades in day as well as in the night 😛

I was planning to a buy ruby woo from mac but I was always like ‘ohh I will buy and never wear it whats the use of buying and keeping it’   my friends always use o tell me y don’t you wear red it will look amazing on like one of my close friend who is a big fan of dark lipsticks and it looks fab on her and I love her shades..was travelling back to Mumbai from New York n she had some time to shop so she called me from mac store there. saying…..’I want to gift you a mac Russian red and it is a lovely shade’ and I was like no buy me a Ruby woo.. she said turst me this is an amazing shade.. so I was like ok..

I got the gift I wore it and I was like yes this is the shade I can wear.. so once I had to go for a party and the dress code was white.. so I wore a white jeans and A white tube top and this Russian red.. omg my god it was looking really amazing.. the first one  to compliment me was my Mom and my Sister.. they dint compliment my dressing but my lip color.. so I was very happy n then everybody  in the party was complimenting me it really gives you a glamours look trust me.. it jus changes your look all over ..

RUSSIAN RED by mac gave me the confidence to wear Red..


  1. Russian red is a semi matte kind a lipstick.. easy to apply does not fry your lips.
  2. lasting upto 6hours max.. you can eat ,drink, dance and sweat.
  3. will suit all skin tones no doudt at all.
  4. glides on very smoothly.
  5. lovely pigmentation.
  6. It does transfer a bit.
  7. A little expensive but totally worth buying.




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