Skin care story!

Hey guys….

I am today going to share my skin care story..

So I have a very oily skin and I have never had any issue regarding those big gaint pimple or cystic acne. I have always had closed comedone(whiteheads). These are very hard to get rid off according to me. I am facing this problem and it’s been very long now like 5 to 6 years since I had no idea about them. I thought they might go.. but they never did…I tried several dermatologist nothing worked. I tried peels, lights,extractions, accutance etc etc….

So here is what really helped me..

Morning routine.

I wash my face with biotique bio pineapple for oily skin.

Then I apply clinique moisture surge.

Last step i apply suncrean La sheild or neutrogena ultrasheer dry touch.

P.s- you should apply suncrean and home also.. it improves your texture.

Evening routine jus around 5.

My skin is super oily and comedone prone so I hv to wash it thrice.

Evening I use all Korean products

I wash it with Jeju volcanic lava cleansing foam

Thn i use Innisfree peeling jelly softener

Then I use a serum it’s skin power 10 vitamin C

And twice a week I apply innisfree jeju volcanic pore clay mask

Night routine.

I wash my face with foreo luna 2

With a salicylic based facewash.

Then later I apply clindoxyl Monday to Friday and retin A 0.04 on sat and sun I jus give a break.

This is my skin care routine which has helped me a lot in improving my skin.

And once in a month I go for a cleanup to Blush clinic or ageless clinic.

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