1st step towards Positivity #THE SECRET.

Positivity .


Like i already mentioned i was a very negative person..and a overthinkier.

I have read many books.. but the one book that is super close to my heart is the serect. i always knew about this book i had it also.. but never read it because I never found it interesting by the cover of the book..  so i gave it someone who wanted to read.

One day i was very depressed and very negative about my life I was jus talking to my friends sister generally and she told me ‘why don’t u read the secret book’ by Rhonda byrne.. she told me how her life changed and she explained drastically and she got what she wanted.

SO that day I wanted my book back so i asked my friend do u hv the  book the secret once i gave.. and she said no..and that full day i was finding for the book in all book stalls and shops and in the evening i found one.. thankgod!!! ever since then this  book is my love.. i read this book  and i got charged.. I downloaded the movie also n use to connect my phone to the speaker and listen to each and every word.. in every 2 days.. i followed everything..written in the book…

Its been more thn 5 years.. but i still rememeber each and everything that i hv to do.. i hv seen so many changes in me..  i still change for my betterment and still discover positive way and  get positive changes in me..

I hv become so strong after reading this book that i can smell negativity from far and cut it before it reaches me..

I know how distant myself from negative people and negative vibes positively.

I have got everything that i wanted from the universe.

The Gratitde rock always reminds me to thank.

Universe always listens to me.. and also tells me if i am going on the wrong track, and then i am back on track.

I never forget to thank the universe before I go to sleep and when i wake up in the morning.. my day is full with energy, love and positive vibes and people..

I am really grateful for each and everything thing in my life..nad grateful for my health .I  am the most happiest and positive person that i was ever in my life..and it changes you inside out.

I am so possesive  for this one book that i use to carry it everywhere and keep it under my pillow in the night. and who ever wanted  it to read i use to give them n make sure i get it back.. or buy a new one for them.





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