The Prigs Life.


Life is a roller coaster ride with ups ,downs ,right , wrong ,deep ,shallow,etc., yes!! and mostly its just only about how you take life and how u understand life.

I Being extremely negative and a overthinker has now become moderately positive.It helps to a certain level.. now on the go to being a positive person and making it an Essential.


Just when Started knowing what life is and how it goes.. how difficult it is or how easy it is I use to go into my past and think Oh god! We went through all this even without realizing and having of one the best things ..all thanks to MoM.. the most sturdy women I have come across in my life.

Mommy never teached to be strong but by jus seeing all the things that she did makes me strong the only thing i learned in life i have learned is being strong.. The important thing ever ..even if u are the most emotionally mentally and physically sensitive person

Trust me!!It will take you wherever u want your life to go..


Being strong is a must but with being strong u should never have an attitude that is bad harming , hurting emotionally and phyically to others.

strong is not only phyically showing your strength but how emotionally strong you are in your life..molding it ..and going through all the bad times with calmness.


Always have an attitude to give ..but never expect.. give! give everybody dont worry about their status and position .. everybody needs something…if u have it then Give it …This is understood and learned.


Let people be good to you..bad to you or you insult… never forget to give a SMILE.. just a smile it will make your day or probably their day also..

Smile at a strange. it feels goods to get a smile back and to make someone feel good.


Love everybody …everyone is agreed for love

Love rich,poor,birds, animals, plants , non living things.. etc etc.. basically everything.

giving love will not make you a lesser person or by giving love you will not finish love..

By giving love u receive more..more .. and plenty of love… ohh who doesn’t want love.. this is the only thing from which u get more and grows even if u give little… start by little jus an example..have u ever loved a dog.. if no.. than u should jus once try and pet a dog.. he will never forget you and what u did for me!


Respect.. give respect and take respect.. respect your elders the once younger to you.. poors ,rich , homeless, beggars and everybody.. will it make you a smaller person no it will never.. it will only make you a bigger person.. yes! so show some respect no matter what


Happiness its contagious

JusT how old people say a happy women makes the whole family happy.. why only women.. its goes with everybody..being happy make your life simple .. happiness will always show you the right path.. happiness is going to bring you a wonderful life you are going to have the best health and also brings you wealth…

But first you should be happy with yourself and do everything that makes you happy and make sure you are surrounded with happy people.


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